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AC Electric Equipment of Ship's Deck Machinery

Modern electric equipment of ship's deck machinery comprises electric motors and electric apparatuses of specially developed series and individual designs.

AC Electric Equipment of Ship's Deck Machinery

The fact that this machinery has to operate on weather decks predetermines special environmental conditions of the electric equipment: ambient temperatures ranging from —40 to +50° C, high humidity up to due fall with frequent cyclic variations, pitching and rolling, strong vibration, periodic splashing with sea water, high dynamic overloads and a large number of on-load startings.

The electric equipment of deck machinery meeting all specific requirements of marine service is noted for a high electrical strength and mechanical robustness. With regular maintenance and timely replacement of worn parts the service life of the electric equipment is as long as 15—20 years.

Utilized construction of the electric equipment, used in deck machinery makes it possible to provide for any operating conditions in the course of its service.

To improve its reliability and efficiency the electric equipment is being constantly developed through the use of new structural materials and new switching and control systems and through a detailed study and overall improvement of the interaction between the electric drives of the deck machinery and other ship's equipment.