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PLC failure. The cargo crane does not start. Troubleshooting

In previous articles we looked at various problems with cargo cranes, this time a PLC failure error occurred and cargo crane does not start.

PLC failure. Cargo crane does not start

What to do in such situation and how to restore the operation of the cargo crane will be discussed in this article.

PLC failure alarm
The "PLC FAILURE ALARM" light is on

As usual, the first step is to refer to the Troubleshooting manual.


Motor Fault on the crane. Troubleshooting

Greetings! Today we got a "Motor Fault" error on the cargo crane and the crane doesn't want to start. In the article we will consider the main actions of ETO when searching for and eliminating this malfunction.

Motor Fault on the Crane
Motor Fault on the Crane

The problem is quite large-scale and it can be anything related primarily to electric drives of both the main and auxiliary mechanisms of the crane. There was also a short-term accompanying signal in the ECR on AMS "low insulation 440V", which further narrowed the circle of my search.


Problems with cargo cranes

Some problems with cargo cranes that occur on the ship.

Problems with cargo cranes

Deck crane hoisting limit switches

While checking hoisting limit switches, due to incorrect setting of the hoisting limit switch on deck crane no. 1, noticed that the system differs from the ones on other sister ships. Hoisting up limit switch is no longer activated by means of a small weight that slacks the chain when the hook touches it, thus activating the micro switch, as on the previous sister ships; instead it has been put on the cam limit switch together with lowering limit. This means that the hoisting up limit is no longer fixed, to hook being about 2 meters below the boom head regardless to the boom angle; but that it is activated when the exact amount of wire rope is wound up on the drum.