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Basic Elements of Automation

Electronic Control of Motors
A-C Electric Equipment of Ship's Deck Machinery
Automatic Voltage Regulators
Electric Drives of Towing Winches
Built-in Brakes
Electric Drive of Boat Winches
Ordering Directions and Standard Equipment
An in-Situ Method of Drying out Electrical Machinery
General Directions on Replacement of Faulty Components
Lloyd's Register of Shipping Certificate for AC Generator or motor
Technical Documentation of Electrical Equipment
Electric Drives of Anchor-Handling and Mooring Gear

Shipboard Automation

Modules of Alarm Measuring System
Safe Operation of Nuclear Ships
Operation of Alarm Measuring Systems
Power Plant Control System Operation of Central Unit
Micro-Electronics — its Effect on Future Ship Operation
Internal Monitoring
Control Systems. General Requirements
Convertor Module
Electronic System. Operation
DC Voltage Transducer
Automatic Control System of Electrical Power Plants
Work on Board Multipurpose Ship
Automatic Control of the Shaft Generators
Safety System
Unmanned Machinery Spaces (UMS) Ships — Control and alarm requirements
Thyristor Convertors
Starting Control from Engine Control Room
Superconducting DC Motors for Marine Propulsion
Starting Control from ECR. Navigation
Digital Computer Integrated Automation Systems
Main Engine Control System for Internal Combustion marine diesel engines

Electronic Automation

Daily Use of the Bridge Manoeuvring System
Precautions at Slow- and Shut-Downs
Preventive Maintenance