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Starting Control from Engine Control Room

Starting the Engine. By shifting the telegraph lever from STOP position to any one of the manoeuvring speed positions, both the engine logic starting circuitry and analog RPM control are energized.
Starting Control from Engine Control Room
The starting prerequisites are immediately and automatically verified.

The unit contemplates on/off consent inputs which could be turning gear disengaged: starting air pressure, fresh water, lube oil sufficient. Also checked whether the propeller is stooped or rotates in the demanded direction below the minimum RPM; conseauently the engine starting logic is activated, as follows.

1st Attempt

In order to limit starting air consumption at the 1st attempt, starting air is fed to the engine for a minimum preset time, with simultaneous setting of the first starting RPM and fuel lever.

Once the preset time has lapsed and without waiting for the RPM response, starting air flow is cut off and the RPM's reach the value corresponding to the speed preset by the operator by means of the engine telegraph lever, with the manoeuvring gradient.

2nd Attempt

If, the engine RPM's drop below 20% of minimum running speed after cutting off the starting air, the second attempt immediatelv takes place, with reopening of the starting air valves and return of the starting speed set-point and fuel oil lever to the first starting speed is achieved, the starting air control valves close and the engine RPM's reach the value set by the operator, with manoeuvring gradient.

3rd Attempt

If the required starting RPM's are not reached after a given time from the opening of the starting air valves on the second attempt, the air valves reclose and as soon as the engine speed falls below 20% of minimum running RPM's and the position of the fuel lever are set on a second higher level and the starting air valves reopen.

Once the required number of starting RPM's is reached, the air valves reclose and the engine achieves the speed set by the operator with the manoeuvring gradient; otherwise, after a given time lapse from opening, the valves reclose and a "Starting failure" alarm is activated.

To repeat the starting attempts, the operator must reposition the telegraph lever on STOP position, then reset the desired speed.

Engine Reversal

In case of engine reversal, the first attempt is automatically by-passed and the starting air valves open as soon as the RPM's of the engine (which is obviously turning in the direction opposite to that demanded) drop below approximately 20% of maximum RPM's. Then the two attempts are repeated exactly as described above.