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Main Engine Control System for Internal Combustion Marine Diesel Engines

Main engine control system is used for automatic remote control and protection of main ship's diesels. It permits to change direction and speed rotation of propeller directly from the bridge by navigators. The system consists of the equipment installed on the bridge, engine control room (ECR) locally mounted near the engine.

Main Engine Control System for Internal Combustion Marine Diesel Engines

The set of Engine Remote Control equipment in ECR essentially consists of a panel fitted up with the various signalling, alarm and control facilities, in addition to the electronic modules (both logic and analog).

Electronic Control Modules Rack comprises:
a) Engine starting and reversal logic module, with LED display (direction of rotation indicator) of logic status and starting set-point adjust potentiometer status;
b) Digital/analog engine RPM converter with cut-in thresholds and LED display of the status of the thresholds and thresholds adjusting potentiometers.
c) Engine control programmer with LED display of stand-by, RPM reduction, emergency, etc. and acceleration gradient adjusting potentiometer.
d) RPM controller with potentiometers for variables and operating limits adjustment.
e) Torque lirniter, with limit indicator.

Locally Mounted Equipment comprises electro-hydraulic type actuator, for remote control of the fuel linkages; the said actuator is continuously linked mechanically to the lever and is therefore driven by the manual handwheel when it is deenergized.

The equipment also comprises induction type pick-ups to monitor the number of RPM's and rotating direction, as well as a five-position servo-motor, complete with four devices to position the engine local control lever for reversing gears and starting air distributors for engine stop, running ahead, starting ahead, running astern, starting astern. Equipment on Bridge comprises:

1. Engine telegraph.
2. Automatic control panel. It has the following items mounted on panel front:
a) Manual power limiter.
b) Engine speed fine adjustment potentiometer.
c) Illuminated push-button for bridge control demand.
d) "Control transfer inhibited" signal display.
e) "Control on the bridge/ECR" signal display.
f) Direction of engine rotation indicator (LED).
g) Engine RPM indicator.
h) Fuel oil lever actuator position indicator.
3. Shield push-button for emergency stop and emergency manoeuvring.