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General Directions on Replacement of Faulty Components

Prior to replacing faulty components and adjusting new ones in compliance with the circuit requirements, apart from general acquaintance with the principle of operation and the design of separate components and the unit as a whole, it is required to analyze thoroughly the arrangement of separate parts in the unit, their fastening and accessibility on the sample.
General Directions on Replacement of Faulty Components
When eliminating the faults detected, the units should be disassembled only in case of actual necessity.

When replacing the faulty components or adjusting the units, it is required to use only the appropriate tools, i. e. all nuts and bolts should be turned out and in by the proper size box spanners or flat keys, and all screws — by screwdrivers corresponding to the sizes of the heads and slits.

Possible Faults and Remedies

Fault symptom: after the unit is switched on, the armature oscillates but the striker fails to strike the cup.
Probable cause: large gaps between the striker and the cup.
Remedy: bend the striker.