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Lighting on ships. General Requirements

In all rooms, spaces and locations of the ship where lighting is ne cessary to ensure the safety of navigation, operating of machinery and equipment, as well as accommodating and evacuation of passengers and crew, stationary fixtures of main lighting are to be installed.

Lighting on ships. General Requirements

Lighting fixtures installed in rooms and spaces, where mechanical damage is possible to the glass hoods are to be provided with' protect ing gratings.

Lighting fixtures are to be installed in such a manner as to prevent heating of cables and adjacent materials up to a temperature exceeding the permissible level.

Permanently-installed lighting fixtures in holds are to take their po wer supply from a special switchboard. Apart from the fuses and swit ches this switchboard is to be provided with visual signals to monitor individual lighting circuits.

In rooms or places illuminated with luminiscent lamps where visible rotating parts of machinery are located, all measures to be taken to prevent stroboscope effect.

When using d-c, a label indicating the voltage level is to be fitted on switchboards feeding the discharge lamps.

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