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Blackout recovery on the vessel (short instruction)

The following action have been carried out.

Blackout recovery on the vessel (short instruction)
  1. Inform the Bridge and Master.
  2. Notify Chief Engineer.
  3. Start STBY generator and cut-in power.
  4. Check and stop Emergency Generator & STBY position mode activated.
  5. Start SW pump cooling system.
  6. Check cause of black out and rectify.
  7. Start ME Auxiliary Blowers.
  8. Start ME Auxiliary pumps, LO Pump, etc.
  9. Check all pressures & temperatures are normal.
  10. STBY pumps check and restore to STBY mode.
  11. Steering system check and restore to STBY mode.
  12. Check Main Starting Air Bottle and press-up.
  13. Check LO System on all STBY and service machinery & top-up as needed.
  14. Check and remedy caused on STBY generator failure to gain power upon black-out.
  15. Check Bridge & Engine communication system.
  16. Check control air system at 6.5 – 7 kg/sm².
  17. Drain air bottle of water accumulation.
  18. Confirm all machineries in good working condition.

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