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Before loading a ship a cargo plan must be drawn up. This document is usually drawn up at the Chief Controller's office since this office directs cargo work in the sea-port. While abroad the Agent and the Master draw up a cargo plan. When the plan is ready the stevedore may begin loading. Firstly, he secures the necessary number of gangs, secondly he supplies the tackles which the dockers need in their work and at last the stevedore supervises the correct tonnage allotment for the holds. He checks up if cargoes are stowed and trimmed properly. Even stowage of cargoes secures a reliable stability of the ship loaded.

Before starting loading the crewmen clear the hatches and get ready the winches, derricks and cranes, if any. They roll back the tarpaulins from the hatches, remove the hatchboards or any other hatch covers, remove the beams. When everything is done, they consider the hatches to be cleared and ready for loading.

Different kinds of cargoes are loaded by corresponding equipment and appliances. For example, cases call for steel slings, nets and pallets; bags require cargo nets and canvas slings. Extraweights, if any, are usually loaded by either heavy derricks, the lifting capacity of which is over 5 tons, or by quay cranes.