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Heating elements

ASB Heating Elements


Care must be taken to insure complete immersion of heated length of the heater at all times. The heated surface should never be in contact with any sludge.

In the case of flange and pipe-thread type heaters where a gasket seal is necessary, the gasket surface should be clean and dry before heater is seated. The electrical connections must be protected at all times from moisture or vapour; in hazardous locations, explosion-resistant covers are to be used.

The heaters should be periodically inspected for coatings and corrosion, and cleaned if necessary.

When melting solids by direct immersion, a surface vent should be provided to allow gases to escape. Operate the heater on voltage until melted material completely covers the heated area.

In an electroplating application, the metal surface or the heater is to be grounded. The heaters are not under any circumstance to be placed between the electrodes and the work.