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Lloyd's Register of Shipping Certificate for AC Generator or Motor

This is to Certify that the auxiliary propulsion AC generator/stator, particulars of which are given below, has been inspected by me at the Makers' works. The construction, workmanship and materials are good, and the machine complies with the relevant of the Society's Rules.

On completion the generator/motor was tested with satisfactory results.

This certificate is issued upon the terms of the Rules and Regulations of the Society, which provide that:

The Committees of the Society use their best endeavours to ensure that the functions of the Society are properly executed, but it is to be understood that neither the Society nor any Member of any of its Committees nor any of its Officers, Servants or Surveyors is under any circumstances whatever to be held responsible or liable for any inaccuracy in any report or certificate issued by the Society or its Surveyors, or in any entry in the Register Book or other publication of the Society, or for any act or omission, default or negligence of any of its Committees or any Member thereof, or of the Surveyors, or other Officers, Servants or Agents of the Society".