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Instruction for recovery of power generating plant after blackout


  1. Change over the control level to ER
  2. Inform duty officer by phone about blackout and estimated time for engine recovery
  3. Stop the main engine
  4. Sound engineer alarm
  5. Start stand by diesel generator
  6. Switch on synchronoscope and main circuit breaker running DG on main switchboard
  7. Restart all pumps in following sequence:

  • ME LO pump
  • ME SW cooling pump
  • ME FW cooling pump
  • Piston cooling pump
  • Boiler feed pump
  • Check whether ME AUX blower is on auto mode


  1. Check all ME service system parameters and reset ME shut down button
  2. Ring “DEAD SLOW AHEAD” by telegraph
  3. Upon positive replay from bridge – start ME


  1. Check and restart all AUX systems
  2. Check and restart the boiler
  3. Check all running pumps in engine room for leakage and proper temperature
  4. Restart A/C compressor; domestic fridge (ECR); A/C cooling pump


  1. Investigate reason of blackout to avoid reocurrence
  2. Switch on ESB LINK circuit breaker
  3. Stop emergency generator
  4. Restart all consumer’s breakers