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Control Systems. General Requirements

Automated machinery provided with automatic or remote control system, as well as, to the necessary extent, with monitoring systems, is in addition to be provided with means of local control.

In each case of failure in automatic or remote control systems, the possibility of local control is to be maintained.

Where machinery or installation is remotely controlled, it should be possible for the operator to check, with sufficient reliance, from his control station whether his command has been carried out by remote control system.

Each automatic or remote control system is to prevent the automatic restart of controlled machinery after its stopping by the safety or by emergency manual stop. Restart should be possible after manual reset.

Where machinery space of the ship is to be continuously attended by one person, the extent of the necessary remote or automatic control will be specially in view of the location of the control station and manning routine of machinery, as well as their service requirements.

Internal Monitoring

A speciality of the system is the internal monitoring feature which indicates abnormal conditions such as interruption, earth fault or malfunction of certain connected devices.

An internal failure will be indicated by the lamp of the unit containing the detection circuits for that particular fault. Further indication is given by light emitting diodes, visible when the front plate is removed.

The basic unit and the additional monitoring unit each have one contact, opening at internal alarm state.

Synchronizing/load sharing unit and relay unit are connected to the basic unit in order to affect this contact.